Mythical Storytelling by Shinjan

I have always been interested in myths and legends from cultures across the world. So I decided to start a podcast where I re-tell these stories to entertain and educate my audience. If you, like me, are interested in mythical stories, then this is a great podcast for you to check out.

In season 1 of my podcast, I re-told Greek mythical stories and in season 2, I covered myths and legends from the Norse mythology. It’s time for season 3 now, where I bring to you Native American myths and folklores. Give it a listen and let me know your thoughts and comments.

Listen here and let me know your thoughts.

Mythical Storytelling by Shinjan

Also available from wherever else you get your podcasts from.

Latest episodes include:

  • Announcement: New Podcast
  • Aggo-dah-gauda
  • The woman who loved a fish
  • The Woman of Stone
  • Machinitou, the Evil Spirit

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