Shinjan, or Shin, is a traveller, foodie and storyteller. He is married and he has a cat called, well the cat. His wife calls the cat by Cashew though. His day job is that of an IT Audit Manager, but in his free time he loves to write, read, cook, eat and of course travel. And oh, he also loves football and supports Liverpool FC.

In this website, you’ll find stories written by him and links to his podcasts, Mythical Storytelling by Shinjan and Paranormal Storytelling by Shinjan.

Paranormal Storytelling by Shinjan
Mythical Storytelling by Shinjan

As already mentioned, Shinjan is also an avid traveller and loves to share his experiences and tips with other people to help them plan their holidays. Shinjan runs a specialised be-spoke travel planning service called, Holiday Whisperers. Check out the Holiday Whisperers page to find out more about this service and how he can help you plan your next dream holiday.

Feel free to explore the site and leave your comments on his work on this website. You can also contact him on Twitter, or through the Contact page.

And if you really like what he is doing, you can always buy him a coffee!☕☕☕

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